Monitoring visit to Jordan

Representatives of IOM Portugal and ACM - High Commission for Migration were in Amman, Jordan, from 18 to 21 June 2023, for a monitoring visit with the aim of accompanying the pre-departure activities of a group of 36 refugees to be resettled to Portugal.

The delegation had the opportunity to meet with the Chief of Mission of IOM Jordan to learn about the activities, operations and projects implemented in the country. Also attended the second and third days of the pre-departure orientation, a cultural information session aimed at people over 14 years of age before they were resettled in Portugal. This is an important moment to manage expectations and clarify doubts about the reception program in Portugal, as well as to explain the functioning of public services in the national territory, the duration of the program and the type of support they receive, their rights and duties and even to mention the importance of the integration process for their autonomy in the country of resettlement.

The delegation also met with the medical and nursing department team, to clarify issues related to the Health Protocol, with the aim of improving future medical evaluations and screenings for refugees who are resettled in the future to Portugal . The delegation also had the opportunity to visit the IOM medical facilities, where medical examinations and consultations are carried out to confirm that people are able to be resettled, an important moment to ensure that their health condition is safe to travel.

The delegation was also lucky enough to get to know the operations and movement management team better, which organizes the collection of information to request the issuance of travel documents to the Embassy of Portugal in Cairo, as well as agenda travel and transmits information about check-in at airports and boarding the plane.

This visit was an essential moment to learn in more detail the process that refugees go through before arriving in Portugal.


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